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TweetStork uses 3 advanced search techniques to help you find targeted Twitter users:

Find List Owners

Find Re-Tweeters

Unfollow Users

Find Twitter users who have lists set up for people like you.

To find users who have created lists to group people like you, TweetStork will scan a similar (and popular) user and fetch the lists the user is listed on. When you find lists that you could fit into nicely, TweetStork lets you follow the owners of those lists instantly.
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Find Twitter users who are retweeting tweets of users like you.

TweetStork searches for users who are currently retweeting tweets by a similar (but popular) user. Active retweeters are much more likely to share your tweets. TweetStork lists these users and lets you follow them instantly.
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Unfollow Twitter users who aren't following you back.

TweetStork searches for users you have followed who are not following you back, showing you the oldest first. You can also place any users in a whitelist to hide them from your search results if you never want to unfollow them.
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TweetStork has helped 4918 Twitter users gain 66115 followers.

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